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Mon Apr 1 22:10:18 CEST 2013

2013/3/19 Aleksandar Blagojevic <piratska.partija.srbije at gmail.com>

>  Any news on remote participation?
> I just applied with "regular" registration form. Which, in my opinion,
> should be the only one.
Is this right? i would like to participate remotely too

> To make my point clear: remote participation should be the primary mode of
> PPI GA collaboration. Several thousands of years of live meeting practice
> proved that humans are too much prehistoric, too much personal when it
> comes to the point of sacrificing themselves in defending an idea. We have
> what we need in order to win this pirate battle. PPI GA should be held
> online, several weeks in duration, full concencus in practice, full global
> reach with high efficiency demonstrated to the global public.
> I repeat, it's never too late for the right thing. Kazan should be yet
> another node of PPI GA, like your room, or your PP's HQ.

Agreed, this is the PIRATE PARTY the idea is to give us direct democracy
over the net, if someone doesn't think this is feasible or doesn't agree
with this then they are in the WRONG PARTY!!!

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