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Simon Frew simon.frew at pirateparty.org.au
Mon Apr 1 23:47:50 CEST 2013

I can't see any way for remote delegates to participate on the website.
This really needs to be fixed.

Local Pirates found this article the other day:


Pretty good overview of the International, until we got to the last
paragraph which states (from Google translate, minorly cleaned up):

To discuss all of this, the PPI has all pirate parties charged world to a
meeting in April to Kazan in western Russia. It is the fourth such meeting
since 2007. "We are going, in solidarity," says Engels. "The Turks have
already committed. The pirates in Australia and Brazil are still
hesitating. They complain that the meeting takes place so far away," says
Engels. But that was just the case of global movements. "We want to network
in Kazan and share experiences," he says. An agenda is not yet there. But
in one there was agreement: "We are an international

We have obvious angered Gregory Engels. As should be clear from previous
discussions we don't have any confidence in the current Board as they still
have yet to reply to our protest letter, even after it being discussed on
the list.

PPAU cannot afford to send a member to Russia, we are only just registered
and about to face our first National election in September, if not earlier
(the government is in disarray). It will cost us $2,000 $AUD per Senate
candidate to run for the election and $1,000 for each local member, which
we cannot realistically afford. We have a budget under $20,000 total and
there is no way we could justify spending over $1,000 on sending one member
on a junket.

We are a high income developed country and we cannot justify such a waste
of money to our members, it would be completely irresponsible for someone
from Brazil to be sent to Russia as the average income is much lower there.
This sort of public attack is just vindictive and uncalled for.

As Aza said:

Agreed, this is the PIRATE PARTY the idea is to give us direct democracy
over the net, if someone doesn't think this is feasible or doesn't agree
with this then they are in the WRONG PARTY!!!

How is it possible after the last 2 GAs have been farcical, that this years
seems destined to fail in exactly the same way? There will be an exodus
from the International if this is not urgently addressed. IE before or
during the GA.

We were founded on the basis that the Internet gives everyone a
fundamentally new way to share and communicate. Yet the very organisation
that is meant to foster this internationally refuses to provide a way for
delegates to participate remotely, or if it is providing a way for remote
delegates to participate, it is failing to communicate this to the
participants. It is a failure waiting to happen that needs to be addressed

We also urge members to vote against the payment model for PPI. We see no
value in handing over any of our limited funds so Board members can enjoy
junkets on our dollar. We have the technology at our fingertips to
communicate globally for virtually nothing. I can't logically see how PPI
would require any more than servers which can be loaned by various national
Parties or if its own servers were really required how it would cost more
that a few hundred dollars total. We are reluctant to hand over money to an
organisation that has effectively excluded us from participating in the
last 2 GAs and aren't providing any reassurance that this year will be any


Simon Frew

Deputy President

Pirate Party Australia

On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 7:10 AM, Aza <rata_0071 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> 2013/3/19 Aleksandar Blagojevic <piratska.partija.srbije at gmail.com>
>>  Any news on remote participation?
>> I just applied with "regular" registration form. Which, in my opinion,
>> should be the only one.
> Is this right? i would like to participate remotely too
>> To make my point clear: remote participation should be the primary mode
>> of PPI GA collaboration. Several thousands of years of live meeting
>> practice proved that humans are too much prehistoric, too much personal
>> when it comes to the point of sacrificing themselves in defending an idea.
>> We have what we need in order to win this pirate battle. PPI GA should be
>> held online, several weeks in duration, full concencus in practice, full
>> global reach with high efficiency demonstrated to the global public.
>> I repeat, it's never too late for the right thing. Kazan should be yet
>> another node of PPI GA, like your room, or your PP's HQ.
> Agreed, this is the PIRATE PARTY the idea is to give us direct democracy
> over the net, if someone doesn't think this is feasible or doesn't agree
> with this then they are in the WRONG PARTY!!!
> regards
> aza
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