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Aleksandar Blagojevic piratska.partija.srbije at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 16:04:29 CEST 2013

This is _my personal_ viewpoint commenting the

What you call *e-democracy* is simply utilizing a tech solutions to
respond modern needs of a citizen.

The tone of this text sounds like a defeatist propaganda that there are
only dangers and restrictions when it comes to privacy in public life.
Not a single mention that _we are_ in position to take the privacy back.
Not a single mention that our community powered/maintained solutions are
already here. (really, why did you made such statement?)

*Patent and Copyright*
"We want to take back the original idea of patent system, to incentivise
creation and innovation." Really? With patents?
This is _dangerous_! No other comment.

The rest of the patent statement sounds like a "progressive hipster
intellectual property post-graduate student". "We will make mathematical
theorems and creative writing equal in patent system" - style. Hilarious.

The fact that you are just balancing the formulation in your approach
with patent and copyright law makes you perfect wannabe "rebel" in
current Croatian political spectrum. There is no focus on _liberating_
the production process and placing it back to the public hands. No

Expected. You missed the universal value we should promote (in all our
political fields).
The point should sound like this: "GMO is ok to use only, and only if
technology and knowledge behind the process is accessible and maintained
by the public community not corporations" - the real and applicable
analogy is free software. Free software is used even by the biggest
money making machineries in the world, at the same time implementing
freedom as such (that is the idea right?). GMO today is doing exactly
the opposite - the product you buy at the store is taking away your
freedom with the money (like apple computer, android device, mc donald's
burger, most of the medicines, even bottled water). So you fail on
pirate principles here also.

Multinationals, public integrity*
If you happen to be _real_ new and progressive party of the people, for
the people. You would mention taking Croatia's fish and sea territories
by the unknown corporations. Croatia's sea resources were the real trade
off for the EU acceptance.
What PPHR wrote here sounds like a elementary school essay about


Why I am this much edgy?
It's simple. The moment you gain political power is the moment you have
to have hard and sharp principles based on even sharper ideals. Your
platform is not sharp hence it will be hunted and traded by opportunists
already present on your pirate ship (yes, they are everywhere).

As your "campaign" goes on I am pretty much sure that you will grab that
necessary 100K votes, and this is not sarcasm. Also, I am more and more
sure that you will get to EU parl as fresh sparky motivated newcomers.
Slef-pre-prepared to be exploited (and raped) by the old

I wish you good luck with all this. Really.

I prefer to have options, rather than plans.
Aleksandar Blagojevic aka blaeks <http://blaeks.wordpress.com/>
Pirate party of Serbia
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