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Thu Apr 11 16:42:31 CEST 2013

On 2013-04-08 16:04, Aleksandar Blagojevic wrote:


>  As your "campaign" goes on I am pretty much sure that you will grab
> that necessary 100K votes, and this is not sarcasm. Also, I am more
> and more sure that you will get to EU parl as fresh sparky motivated
> newcomers. Slef-pre-prepared to be exploited (and raped) by the old
> politics/politicians.

Fortunately for the Croatian Pirates they are not left alone. Our 
office will take a very close interest in our Croatian colleagues when 
they get here, and make sure that we are the only ones to exploit the 
fact that the pirate presence in the EU parliament has increased :-) I 
am quite confident we'll manage that.

Head of office for MEP Andersdotter

>  I wish you good luck with all this. Really.
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