[pp.int.general] Pirate parties and religion (dogmatism)

Pat Mächler patrick.maechler at pp-international.net
Tue Apr 9 18:22:00 CEST 2013

I think it's worth to fight for secularism and against extreme
religious/dogmatic views in politics.
Thus I welcome the intend of the discussion.

Fighting against easteregg pictures is nonsense. It has nothing to do
with any major religion nowadays. It was a fertility celebration that
was remixed by Christians (which - in this case - is very obvious to
everyone that takes a second to consider the rabbit & egg symbols);
similar story might be told about the origins of xmas (likely

I'm not against discussing whether it's problematic to promote such stuff.
But it doesn't threat freedom IMO; else you have to show how.

In almost all countries there are likely problems which are way more
important to discuss.
Please let's concentrate on those and skip the silly flamewar.
It doesn't help anyone who is favour of secularism on this list.
Thank you.

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