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Boris Turovskiy tourovski at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 18:01:11 CEST 2013

 Hi Gregory,

> Such a suggestion never reached me. ( to create general purpose topical
> lists for PPI)
I have been advocating it since 2010 and it was part of my programme at
each board election, so I don't quite believe it;)

> We have split the pp-leaders list into two (announcements and the
> corresponding discussion list) and we have topical lists for the work
> groups (like a list for tech team, press, pp-eu (several lists) etc...)
The pp-leaders is, by its nature, a closed list. A common pirate does not
have access to it. There is currently no list that is open for everyone
except for ppi-general, and that is being used for trolling, not for
announcements or useful policy discussions.

> What would be the proposal be to create more general lists? (I had
> suggested at one point to create the PPI.trollarena list, but that was not
> taken up ;)
The current ppi-general will have to be abandoned to the trolls:) I would
propose the system we use in Bavaria with a general list (trollarena), a
politics list (hopefully not another troll arena), an announcement list
(read-only for everybody, write for Board members and people the Board
appoints) and an orga list (concerning organization and coordination of
events). We would need some tweaks but the basic outline can be used for
PPI as well.

Best regards,
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