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DesignersRevolt.com is a furniture design company selling replicas
throughout Europe but mostly focusing on Scandinavia right now. Because of
copyright issues their office is located in England and they are very aware
and concerned of the copyright and furniture design protection.

Disclosure: I'm in charge of their social media so we hope to create a lot
of debates<http://blog.designersrevolt.com/post/48274566704/furniture-copies-and-originals-where-is-the-line>around
the concept of
copy <http://blog.designersrevolt.com/post/41346392976/furniture-copy> vs
original which I believe should interest many pirates. Seeing my interest
in copyright a lot of their content will be focused on educating people on
the differences, challenging the views of other people and creating a
greater acceptance for copies in our society. It's time for a designers
revolt, bringing the designs to the people instead of keeping it only to
the wealthy few that can afford it!

Obviously, as a company, we don't want to be connected to a political party
(even though many of our ideas around copyright coincide with the Pirate
Party view). Informal collaborations or projects on the other hand can
benefit both.

So if you want more debates / ideas / arguments around copies vs originals
you can follow us on Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/DesignersRevolt>,
Twitter <http://twitter.com/DesignersRevolt> and our

If you have ideas or angles that might interest us please take contact with
me. Also open for informal collaborations if you have any projects.

Thanks for taking the time to read and may your fights to change the
copyright system by successful!


*** This mail has nothing to do with PPSE or my role as international
contact there **
twitter: @collentine
skype: josef.ohlsson.collentine
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