[pp.int.general] Really now?

Patrick Godschalk patrick.godschalk at piratenpartij.nl
Thu Apr 18 19:21:09 CEST 2013

	Because there is no fee, I believe :-D

"If a product is free, then the users are the product." You can set up
a decent mail server for less than 5 euro's/dollars/whatever a month and
still run other stuff. If the fee is truly the reason, then I find it
disgusting that the PPI considers the privacy of all people that e-mail
to them worth less than 5/month.

	I hve been wondering the same thing ever since I got my @
	pp-international.net mail account, and I believe the answer was
	"because it's convenient" (which it is). Our Privacy officer was
	not very amused about that fact, either. However, as the strong
	recommendation is to send any sensitive data with PGP encryption
	anyway it's not that critical.

Yeah, the whole convenience argument holds so much weight. Hold on, let
me put all 2.000 members of the PPNL on Google Docs, because it's more
convenient than setting up a decent system. (This is a joke.)

I'm an avid PGP user but one of the few. Most people haven't even heard
of PGP let alone use it (or be capable enough to set it up by
themselves). If our collective point of view is now "meh, users should
create their own privacy" then why even bother having a Pirate Party?
Or any political party at all? You can relativise everything to death
this way.

	Which made me think...this list is public anyway and google bots
	and humans can read all it`s content. I wouldn`t worry too much.

There non-public lists and I've been keeping the emails I receive
through those lists (and my list pw) anally secure. For nothing, it

Anyways, I'm (obviously) quite pissed about this. Not because of my own
privacy, because as said above, I personally use GnuPG anyway. However,
it either shows that the PPI board is completely out of touch with the
core values of Pirate Parties - privacy being one of them - , or they
still remember but didn't care, which blatant disregard for other
people's privacy. I find both of those equally disgusting.

~ Argure

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