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Patrick Schiffer patrick.schiffer at piratenpartei-nrw.de
Sat Apr 20 15:21:58 CEST 2013

Thanks a lot for all your energy, Lola. 
We do not only fight against corrupt & manipulative or populistic politicians all over the world. 
We do not only fight for a free and open Internet. 
We do not only fight against repressions, surveillance and fear.

We do not only fight for reforms of copyright.

We also fight against the demons within some heads of our members: mistrust, envy, borders and old thinking.

You've helped us all to make the pirate party a better place. Don't look back in anger :) There is still a lot of work. Take care & stay safe!

Yours sincerely,

> Fellow Pirates,
> > In the position of PPI Co-Chairwoman I was doing administrative work,
> including some tasks of Chief Administrative Officer, such as updating
> mailing lists, preparing board meeting agendas, sending announcements,
> updating social media, etc.
> > I managed to receive all the necessary paperwork from the notary in
> Brussels to transfer the PPI HQ from the old board to the new and started
> to collect signatures, but when we had to get the last one out of 5, it got
> lost.
> > Represented PPI on the conferences:
> Neumunster - Pirate Party of Germany General Assembly
> Dortmund - Pirate Party of North Rhine-Westphalia General Assembly
> Paris - Pirate Party of France General Assembly
> Bochum - Pirate Party of Germany General Assembly
> Belgium - Pirate Party of Belgium General Assembly
> and in the media by giving interviews for Russian and international press.
> > In the beginning of December 2012 I lost all the motivation to work for the
> movement whose members are constantly fighting with each other and prevent
> others from doing their work. Creating problems, like keeping the PPI money
> on their accounts and refusing to fulfill the promises that they made in
> order to bring the PPI GA to their country. I couldn't work any longer for
> an organization whose members are blackmailing each other and making
> working people resign from office out of spite. I have not participated
> much in PPI work since then.
> I got tired of not being able to write and publish whatever I wanted on my
> personal Twitter and Facebook accounts without being criticized for it
> behind my back. I didn't want to read my private E-Mails on public mailing
> lists over and over again. I couldn't invest anymore time and money on this
> position when clearly Pirates didn't want PPI to work. Without money,
> without resources, without help this is not possible. But instead of
> letting the few people work that want to invest time, we were constantly
> insulted, blocked from working, criticized by members of the old board or
> candidates that couldn't get elected, we were running after money that was
> promised to us. Constant mistrust is what the international Pirate movement
> looks like from my perspective.
> > I know there are hard and good working Pirates out there and I would like
> to thank all the good people that I met in PPI and because of PPI, I hope
> we will stay in touch. And a very special thanks to the PPI board! It was
> pleasure working with you!
> > Thank you all!
> > Fair winds,
> > Lola
> > -- > Lola Voronina
> Co-Chairman, Pirate Parties International
> International Coordinator, Pirate Party of Russia
> > --
Besten Gruß,
Patrick Schiffer

patrick.schiffer at piratenpartei-nrw.de

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