[pp.int.general] "Noam Chomsky: America hates its poor"

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	>Noam Chomsky: America hates its poor

But Chomsky do not says that a fair distribution of income, powers and resources must begin in the Public Employment that must become at last DEMOCRATIC: assigned temporaneously in order to permit a periodical renewal and a diffuse participation, engagement and responsabilization.

The world has become so disgusting exactly for professors who seem have care for poor and weak people, who always launches the youths AGAINST capitalism, imperialism, neoliberism, but never show how undemocratic, tyrannic is the ancient use to assign life long public charges and jobs.

Never they learn young people to BUILD a DEMOCRATIC PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT.

Young people just for the intellectual dependency from these fake-progressive professors continue to OCCUPY Davos, Wall Street and other Bilderbergers preferred places rather than OCCUPY Social Forums and other places preferred by the fake-left in order to put people in front of the awareness that the system we so much dislike is based on the emargination, on the exclusion of citizens from the Public Jobs, from their same Res Publica.

Exactly in this way castas, elites and mafias can direct politicians wherever they want. Indeed public careerists, life long public "workers" at any level, are the pillars of capitalism, imperialism, neoliberism.

Remember: a public "worker" for life is not a worker. He/she is a tyrant.
Remember: Democracy arises from the sharing of the Res Publica.

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