[pp.int.general] Anty PRISM proceedings in your country - please help

Steve Revilak steve at srevilak.net
Tue Dec 24 03:01:28 CET 2013

>The Polish Pirate Party have requested the Polish prosecutor office to
>open an investigation into the media claims about NSA mass
>surveillance of Polish citizens.  The request was rejected without any
>justification and now we are in the process of writing a complaint.
>One piece of information that would help us is if there are any
>proceedings open in other countries - I vaguely remember to read about
>Germany and France - but I cannot find any detailed information about
>this - and we need all the details.

In the US, there's been one court ruling against then NSA



For all practical purposes, nothing will happen until the case is
appealed (and even then, nothing may happen).  But the judge's opinion
might be useful to you.

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