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> Be ignorant, be foolish all you want. But do so in your own name, don't
> drag me and everyone else down by trying to make that guttersnipe seem
> hard done by, especially with all the harm he's done our cause
> politically. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Hammond was never a
> friend of the Pirates, we were just a means for him to try and get more
> followers. And if you think otherwise, then you never met Hammond, or
> are too busy lying to yourself to be objective.
> Hammond is not a hero, never was, and any attempt to portray him as such
> will only ever backfire on us.
> Andrew

After Prague 2012 misbehaviour and the whole plot to keep its consequences out of sight in Kazan/Brussels 2013... if anyone thinks we need anything stupid additional to drag the whole pirate movement down to plain nothingness then he is just a playing kiddy.

Someone ThinkTwice :(.
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