[pp.int.general] And Now For Something Completely Different...

Pat Maechler aka Valio pirate at valio.ch
Tue Feb 12 09:42:51 CET 2013

I think this famous sentence by  Monty Python partially describes the
pirate party.

Neoleftists and neoliberals are basically fighting over this issue
inbetween having a market system that is not "civilized", but
extremely individual and a common collective (or a representative
thereof) that decides on everything in a coordinated way. Pirates can
be found on both sides, but understand that both systems have their
ups and their downs. And they're actually putting an emphasis on
something that is probably way more important: the questions
concerning how information should flow in a society, so that we do not
end up in a state where few have control, but the majority has not.


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