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Davidd van Deijk davidd at piratenpartij.nl
Fri Feb 15 22:16:51 CET 2013

On 02/15/13 21:57, Antonio Garcia wrote:
>> Be sure that the software running on the camera that films you is also
>> free. You wouldn't want to be promoting such devices right?
>> Even if it is shared through p2p, it is bound to pass routers running
>> nonfree software.
>> In the year Al Gore released his film "An Inconvenient Truth" he
>> traveled a lot by airplane across the world to promote his film,
>> releasing a lot of greenhouse gases in the process. Doing this differs
>> from being hypocritical or dishonest, instead it is looking at the netto
>> result of ones actions, the bigger picture.
>> By protesting against having your speech put on youtube, even though
>> valiant, you might decrease freedom around the world. After all it is
>> not the people that already run free software exclusively that we are
>> trying to convince. It is the ones that do not.
> If you do not respect the principled position of somebody worthy of 
> respect... how are you going to convince anybody yours is worth anything
>  more than you seem to offer?
One can respect someone's principled position and at the same time
sanely discuss the effects that position results in. Perhaps if i
responded to one of his earlier e-mails in this thread i could have
prevented this misunderstanding. As you can read from my mail I consider
the video not on youtube as long as the speaker objects to it.

>> Happy Near Earth Approachday,
>> David van Deijk.
> Antonio García. 		 	   		  
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