[pp.int.general] free software video streaming

Patrick Maechler v/o Valio pirate at valio.ch
Sat Feb 16 00:41:19 CET 2013

I think no real pirate would be eager to be a keynote speaker at an  
event where the sole recordings have to paid and are loaded with DRM ;  
and/or where you are required to provide your full private data to  
access it.
But if your recording is publicly available someone may take your  
speech and do the stuff above.
So what's the difference? In the first case people are REQUIRED to  
support systems that are in direct conflict with your intents, in the  
second case those who are aware of our intents and are in support of  
them will certainly go for the second option.

Of course there are situations where it's just not possible (i.e. as  
in the Al Gore using airplanes case), but that shouldn't prevent you  
to firmly insist that a solution is offered that supports your goals.

RMS describes his stance e.g. here  
http://stallman.org/stallman-computing.html (search for "I firmly  

BTW: Yes, there are routers with free software which you can decide  
for (at least on the consumer side it's no deal to go for OpenWRT)...

BTW2: There will be a video recording in free format of RMS' speech at  
Aarau on 24th Feb (see previous announcement on the list) and  
hopefully as well an audio stream (we're currently struggling with the  
required Internet infrastructure, not the Icecast server).


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