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On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 6:30 PM, Maxime Rouquet
<maxime.rouquet at partipirate.org> wrote:
> On 02/15/2013 09:14 PM, Davidd van Deijk wrote:
>> By protesting against having your speech put on youtube, even though
>> valiant, you might decrease freedom around the world. After all it is
>> not the people that already run free software exclusively that we are
>> trying to convince. It is the ones that do not.
> We want people not to rely on Youtube, Megaupload, or any other large
> corporation. We want them to be independent and free. Violating our
> values would not be a good first step to spread them.
> There are tools for that, that are called "peer-to-peer". But the
> copyright monopoly pretends tools such as torrents are bad, because some
> of their uses violate their copyright rules.
> Well, we both want to soften these rules and promote all lawful usages
> of peer-to-peer. We want to support and help develop end-to-end Internet.

The future is near and it's name is WebRTC[1]; as a web developer, I'm
convinced it'll change the web and the way we use it.  Quoting
wikipedia, it's an API to "enable browser to browser applications for
voice calling, video chat and P2P file sharing without plugins."[2]

After rather more than a year of waiting for general availability,
there's been a string positive of positive news bits in the last few
months[3]. Additionally, the PeerJS team estimates "DataChannel will
be stable versions of Firefox and Chrome in something like 2-3
months."[4]. This generally aligns with mailing list chatter I see; we
should be getting this soon. Finally.

It'll be genuinely interesting to watch how the politics of web-based
p2p plays out; in my mind it looks like a tsunami and the real
copyright extremists just aren't going to be able to stop it.
Netizens constantly hunger more content & bigger pipes and p2p can
make that happen whether the copyright monopoly likes it or not.

Aside -
On top of WebRTC and the HTML5, mobile & tablet explosions - platforms
like Firefox OS[5], effective web-based virtual reality ([6] + [7] =
[8]), unhosting[9], 3D printing and the internet of things all going
to add to the tsunami of adoption; the potential for the web and it's
reach into culture seems almost limitless.

PS -
As much as I enjoy gaming & gamedev[10][11][12], my company ordered an
Oculus Rift devkit specifically for browser R&D[13].  :-)

[ 1 ] <http://www.webrtc.org/>
[ 2 ] <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebRTC>
[ 3 ] <http://updates.html5rocks.com/2013/02/WebRTC-data-channels-API-changes-and-Chrome-talks-to-Firefox>
[ 4 ] <http://peerjs.com/status>
[ 5 ] <http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefoxos/>
[ 6 ] <http://www.oculusvr.com/>
[ 7 ] <http://voxeljs.com/>
[ 8 ] <https://github.com/troffmo5/voxel-oculus>)
[ 9 ] <https://unhosted.org/>
[10] <https://github.com/psema4/Scroller-Builder>
[11] <https://github.com/psema4/pine>
[12] The first game I expect to publish is Dark Currents (working
name) on the Ouya
[13] <confession text="also dying to play Star Citizen[14][15] ;-)" />
[14] <http://www.robertsspaceindustries.com/star-citizen/>
[15] <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oculus_Rift#Software>

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