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As it was said before (but I want to answer this question myself):
My statement still stands, the Pirate Party is for the free and open
sharing of information. If you want to "manage" the "rights" on how we
share your speech "digitally", then perhaps you should take a step back
and start reading what you preach on your website.

Now, when it comes to breaking commitments with speakers: No, obviously
I don't believe we should do that (per se), I think that the pirate
parties who book you should make sure they don't agree to something as
silly as what you require. Sure many of them will because they want to
hear from "Holier than thou" Richard Stallman, and when those parties do
- - I encourage other people to share that speech anyway. I cheered on
Aaron Swartz when he set information free, I would cheer on anyone else
to do the same.

As my friend Scott Elcomb said: Sometimes we use services that we don't
agree with, to help convert and educate those who are there. I set most
of my Facebook posts to public because I don't believe I have any
privacy anyway there and I use the site as a platform to promote the
Pirate ideology to my friends and strangers. I don't think many people,
however, would accuse me of being an armchair activist for the Pirate Party.

I get that your job with FSF / GNU / etc is to be the hardline activist
for free software. That's great, you can be the Greenpeace (or perhaps
your the ELF?) to our Green Party. Both organizations were formed by the
same groups of people, but if the Green Party acted like Greenpeace they
would have never got elected and been able to make the changes that they
have. There is a need for both of us, and we are not exclusive of each
other but we also shouldn't be the same organization.

Sometimes I feel really disappointed when I read your emails Richard,
because for years I looked up to you (idolized maybe?) because you were
the unforgiving activist who was a bit quirky but showed that you could
be who you were and still be successful. However, when I see your
messages on this mailing list you look more like a religious zealot than
a person who cares about the cause. This is why you don't meet your heroes.

Sorry I didn't reply sooner: The 15th was my birthday, so I was enjoying
a day of non-pirate things.

Richard Stallman wrote:
> Everyone: Slap that video up on Youtube, stream it on uStream AND the
> Pirate solution,
> Does your idea of "pragmatism" extend to breaking commitments with 
> your speakers?  Do you want Pirate Party to become the dishonest
> party will do anything to win?
> We have plenty of those already.

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