[pp.int.general] Thinking in legislators who "protect" children: Documentary on Childhood Obesity

eduardo at partidopirata.com.ar eduardo at partidopirata.com.ar
Mon Feb 18 13:10:57 CET 2013

Is a brazilian Creative Commons documentary: Way Beyond Weight

When I saw it I thought of all the legislators who talk about 
protecting our children by censoring internet at all

A Brazilian law prohibiting advertising of foods with fat and sugar for 
children Congress passed was vetoed

Sure, is not the same Coca Cola, McDonalds, Nestle and TV and radio 
stations...Are other intere$$$t$

Con subtítulos en español y más información en:

The documentary with english´s captions:


"There is a problem on human race, a heavy one. Worldwide, kids are 
heavier than they should. And unhealthy. From Brazil to Kuwait, the 
levels of childhood obesity are outstandingly high. "Why are kids 
carrying this extra weight? The industry, the marketers, the parents, 
the governments. Who is responsible for raising a healthy 
child?"."Beyond Weight" is a movie that seeks to answer those questions 
in depth. It interviewed families, kids and specialists from all over 
the world."

The documentary site:


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