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tl;dr: Please, stop this. PP-FR publish RMS talk as he asks, which is
absolutely fine. The rest do with the talk whatever they like. Share and
remix ftw.

Pirates encourage knowledge sharing independently of the medium. If RMS
wants his talks distributed under some conditions, it is fine. Let's do it
like he politely asks, in direct download and a torrent. Later, somebody
unofficially will upload the talk whenever he wants, using whatever medium
he likes. It is unavoidable, you know, this is what big media industry is
trying to defeat with no results.

We are nobody to enforce such a license to everybody (you can share this
only by non-monetized sites - and this is not even close to a CC NC
clause). Where is left the "share and remix" culture behind our own ideas?

In the other side, I want to ask what "non-evil networks" are left if we
avoid the mainstream networks? Diaspora*, identi.ca and mailing lists? Good
luck reaching enough people to get representation.

2013/2/18 <illunatic at greenpirate.org>

> Is this the correct place for Pirate Party International discussion? It
> stirs doubt in the party to find that a strategy for how the party
> distributes its own content has not been established among Pirate Parties
> by now.
> Really? You expect us to follow and support your call for copyright and
> patent reform while you can't even decide among yourselves how content
> should be handle. At least you're talking about it now. That's a good
> start. Dropping the petty name calling and such would be a better start
> towards being taken seriously in my opinion. At least get over that
> nonsense as a favor to me because it's difficult to type with my palm to
> firmly pasted to my face.
> Since Pirate Parties are still struggling to produce a sound strategy for
> their own content distribution, the task at hand is to determine whether
> PPI wishes to continue to support Richard Stallman's message, which
> includes his preferred media criteria as part of the message.
> Richard's preferred media criteria is part of the message.
> Richard's preferred media criteria is part of the message.
> Richard's preferred media criteria is part of the message.
> Now some things that are still unclear as of yet:
> Who is responsible for distributing Dr. Stallman's video while
> representing PPI?
> Has PPI officially chosen to disregard the personal understanding that was
> made clear between PPI and Richard Stallman or was this the act of a rogue
> individual?
> If it is a party decision, is PPI prepared now to announce clearly that
> they do not support Richard Stallman's message?
> Does PPI officially support and wish to promote Richard Stallman's message?
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