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Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Tue Feb 19 00:55:51 CET 2013

You have misreprented my views in three ways in one sentence.

Here's where I really stand on medical devices.

I will refuse to accept implantation of a pacemaker or other medical
device containing nonfree software that others can change.

However, if the software is buried inside the device and practically
speaking not modifiable, then it might as well be a circuit, and I
would not be concerned about it.

So what are the three misrepresentations?

* Assuming I would reject a medical device because of software
buried in it.

* Identifying a permanently implanted medical device
to using someone's machine for an hour.

Maybe those are equivalent issues for you, but I
see a big difference between them.

* Identifying my own use of a machine for an hour
with someone else's use of it.

I am more strict with myself than with others.

You heard a report of my refusal to permanently use a device with
replaceable nonfree software.  You distorted that three times and
pretend that I demand nobody run nonfree programs for an hour near me.

So you are attacking views that are not mine.
Why attack first and ask questions later?
If you're not sure where I really stand, you should ask.
Then at least you will know what to disagree with.

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