[pp.int.general] R: 'Liquid Democrazy': Pirate Party Sinks amid Chaos and Bickering

Carlito carlito at subvertising.org
Sun Feb 24 16:03:36 CET 2013

From: Cal.
> 24/02/13 11.46, Zbigniew Łukasiak wrote:
> > From what I've read on this list the Italian Pirate Party wants to use
> > LF as the sole voting method - I hope we'll learn from them how it
> > worked there.
> It doesn't. We made a huge communication error, and now people come to
> us because they think we are a lqfb-based party, ignoring what "pirate"
> means.
> We have nearly all the issues pointed in this thread:
>  - strong verbal figths
>  - oligarchy
>      - prevalence of "non-ASDs"
>      - prevalence of local "bosses" with their networks
> And the worst is... that the only way to handle this we came up is suspending
> people from the entire lqfb-platform. Although no one has been suspended
> yet, I don't like this.

Hi Cal.,

You're not so lucky: I'm at least one of the suspended and you voted YES. :)
Shame on you. 

In Italy Liquid Feedback is currently the 100% binding platform by Statutes approved at the end of December 2011.
No Board. No organization. Simply nothing. 
IMHO nothing is more far away from "democracy" because, since the installation, a small group of people took the control of it assuring them the majority. 

Every time someone try to propose something in the software, the small group of friends just vote NO and there's nothing you can do about it because they say "it's liquid democracy", you must accept it. 

The problem is that you must be "certified" to be inserted in the system. But as soon as you certify too much people (paradox, eh? This should mean you are good!) you are blocked and/or suspended because you could become too strong for them. 

So you can't reverse the situation. They maintain the majority and they will not leave the power.

Worse than a dictatorship. 



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