[pp.int.general] 'Liquid Democrazy': Pirate Party Sinks amid Chaos and Bickering

Dario i at dario.im
Sun Feb 24 15:09:53 CET 2013

I agree with all the thread and I have three additional points:

a) When pirate parties grow, the possible core of "ASDs" is almost
residual. Here in Catalonia I see a large majority of non-outcasts but very
politically aware persons.
b) Leadership is unavoidable and that's what liquid democracy accepts with
no problem. But persons doesn't accept that easily.
c) Der Spiegel is known for being anti-pirates. Their articles must be
taken with a bit of salt.

Expanding point b, LD doesn't negate our truly nature, there are leaders
and followers in any group, and it is flexible enough to model whatever we
want. It even can be used as something similar to our current
representatives democracies. It is only a matter of rules and mechanisms
needed to make it work but these will only fix what is relevant to binding
decissions through voting.

All this bickering that almost everyone has "enjoyed" while being on pirate
boards is mainly a communication problem. We don't want and we can't force
people to look but, while doing things because nobody else would do them,
we forgot to communicate what, when, why, who and how we are doing those

We need to fix communication, not only voting mechanisms. Voting is already
fixed, we only need to put together the optimum pieces. But this is not
true for debating, which is currently broken. We need to establish good
practices, like encouraging informed debates with evidence instead of
bickering and easing new members' interactions with the current group.

Our tools must help us to handle multiple conversations and these must
reach everybody in our parties without overloading them. This needs a
profound work on "organic grouping" of users and the ability to access
whatever information (transparency) our comrades ask, like checking or
looking for an old thread about a similar issue discussed before, or
documents generated by party's own activity.

2013/2/24 Cal. <peppecal at gmail.com>

> 24/02/13 11.46, Zbigniew Łukasiak:
> And the worst is... that the only way to handle this we came up is
> suspending people from the entire lqfb-platform. Although no one has
> been suspended yet, I don't like this.

Maybe another way to deal with them can be hellbanning:

Dario Castañé
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