[pp.int.general] R: R: R: R: 'Liquid Democrazy': Pirate Party Sinks amid Chaos and Bickering

carlo von lynX lynX at pirate.my.buttharp.org
Mon Feb 25 01:21:37 CET 2013

damn, didn't i just promise i would write anything further?
but don't worry, this mail is constructive and useful.

carlito, i bet you are luring me into some trap but i'll once
again try to have a civilized conversation with you...   :)
a bit like in the old days...

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 12:34:34AM +0100, Carlito wrote:
> LF binding without Board generates: 
> - active dictatorship

i would rather call it "dictatorship of the majority after a
pretty long and possibly profound debate and evaluation."
i wonder if you can come up with anything more democratic.


> - easy expulsions (sorry if I'm personally concerned here, I really can't do
> nothing about it)

actually no. it takes raising quite some hell to get a
majority of flower power peace & love oriented people so
angry to ask for the expulsion of just one guy.

it is a lot easier to have a CoA do it, and it is certainly
more correct in judicial terms for them to go through
the dossier of deeds.

that's why i said you're welcome to have our new CoA reconsider
your case. i don't expect there to be any doubt, but i admit
that we were so fresh and young and blue-eyed, we weren't ready
to deal with you in democratically correct terms yet.

> - small groups' empowerment

sounds better than empowering just one small group called the board
and not being able to replace that group for an entire year...

> - chaos and internal wars

all pirate parties have chaos and internal wars.
we're late introducing disciplinary regulations, though.

> - can't organize the work 

that isn't the problem at all, but what has proven to
be a problem is to enforce that work actually gets done.
some things which are obvious in representative democracy 
have to be re-invented and re-organized in liquid democracy.
designing a virtual directorate can be complicated.
we're working on it.

> IMHO all this caused the end of the PP IT. 

no, it caused it not to join some phony alliance
and sell the pirate logo out to some phony crooks.
therefore we are the alivest we could possibly be
after having swum with the sharks. all in all we
got plenty of media attention and two law
proposals in parliament.

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