[pp.int.general] Transparency in the party

Cal. peppecal at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 15:27:03 CET 2013

27/02/13 15.03, thijs.markus at piratenpartij.nl:
> Oh nuances & implementations can be put right 

I don't think so—any change in his cop behavior will cause him to lose
many votes.

> - his principle point is
> corruption - which can only be fought with transparency.

His concept of transparency is way different from yours.

He wants transparency by annihilating privacy, not by opening
government. He wants the politician to become transparent, the
fleshnbones person, not the institution itself.

> Direct
> democracy & free access to internet is also incorporated. These are
> exactly the emotional motivators on which pirate parties operate.

Disagree. Internet is mere infrastructure; free access to information is
the pirate point.

> Sure,
> he has some old people's stances on some issues, but then again his
> voter base young - and to them he will have to cater eventually.

Statistical analysis says his voter base comes from former berlusconi's
Youngs are a strict minority, and they're probably voting the movement,
not the grillo leader—they could move any moment to a pirate party, if
they're not enough brainwashed.

> And
> sure, you can highlight these differences in implementation and rational
> detail, but that's not where the vote is decided.

I don't get your point. It is foolish thinking to get rational with
them, or _worse_ with their voters.

> And looking at you
> guys and looking at Grillo, when I am concerned about corruption, free
> access to internet and direct democracy - well, what do you think?

I think you should notice they have no idea about what they're talkin'.
I think you should notice their police state and their annihilation of

> Copyright, trademarks etc aren't in themselves as interesting as you
> make them out to be, that's the professional deformation in which you
> have to be able to defend alternatives to the present state of affairs.
> What makes them interesting is the structural abuse of democratic rights
> and functioning that is required to uphold them and the extend to which
> the right holders succeed in this part.

Disagreed, see above: "access to information" enables all of this.

> And that leads straight back to
> the points of transparency, direct democracy and so forth. He is totally
> cashing in on the emotions that should fuel your fire, and where there
> is popular movement in this direction, even if Mussolini himself
> championed it, there is much to be gained before a degree of satisfied
> inactivity will return to the general populace.

We'll see. I'm quite scared about what could happen.

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