[pp.int.general] Redefinition of our Social Pact

carlo von lynX lynX at pirate.my.buttharp.org
Thu Jul 4 12:01:08 CEST 2013

Ciao Danilo,

On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 02:28:23PM +0200, Laboratorio Eudemonia wrote:
>     In order for life begins to spin in the right direction, we need to build an open and dynamic, FLUID system of the work, in which production activities are calibrated on the base of the varying needs of workers and trade and are able to accommodate all the humans who wish to participate, each of us being able to enjoy a GUARANTEED MINIMUM WORK with the periods between an employment and the following covered by a CITIZENSHIP INCOME.

This is not how the UNCONDITIONAL and CUMULABLE basic income works,
at least not the way the German, the Austrian, the Italian and I
also presume other Pirate Parties intend it.

The point in having an unconditional basic income is to not have a
bureaucracy to figure out if you're currently out of work. Cumulable
means that your work earnings go ON TOP of the basic income and do
not incentivate you into tax evasion like a traditional subsidy does.

Unfortunately all law proposals on this issue currently in the
Italian parliament are of the traditional kind, necessitating big
corruptible bureaucracy (since we're in Italy, expect to pay your
bureaucrat a percentage of your subsidy or he will deny it to you)
and introducing motivation for more tax evasion (get the subsidy
and work anyway! yeah!).

Feel welcome to study the program of the Italian Pirates
concerning the reddito d'esistenza, which is ideologically
compatible to the BGE.   http://reddito.votopirata.it/

There is an English summary at http://english.votopirata.it/

>     To get such a modern system of organization of the work, we must immediately dedicate ourselves to the restructuring of our PUBLIC EMPLOYMENTS. These are an important part of our Res Publicas and must be open and participatory (therefore assigned at FIXED TIME) for anyone who wants to serve, provided he meets the necessary requirements for the role. The temporary nature of the job, far from being a functional disaster or for earnings, is just what it takes to ensure a constant evolution of services and the total disappearance of corruption.

Interesting initiative. Should you have an elaborate proposal
you're welcome to discuss it with us in our participation platforms.

> Let us achieve this goal and will become
> the PLANET of REFERENCE for the entire GALAXY!

Hehe excellent.

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