[pp.int.general] Redefinition of our Social Pact

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Thu Jul 4 18:57:17 CEST 2013

Ciao Carlo.

On 04/07/2013 at 12.01 carlo von lynX wrote:

>The point in having an unconditional basic income is to not have a
>bureaucracy to figure out if you're currently out of work. Cumulable
>means that your work earnings go ON TOP of the basic income and do
>not incentivate you into tax evasion like a traditional subsidy does.

If we would succeed to organize a good public system, if the conditions of the whole would permit this, why say not :)

>Feel welcome to study the program of the Italian Pirates
>concerning the reddito d'esistenza, which is ideologically
>compatible to the BGE.   http://reddito.votopirata.it/

Thanks, I am sure you are making a good work on this.

>>     To get such a modern system of organization of the work, we must
>immediately dedicate ourselves to the restructuring of our PUBLIC
>EMPLOYMENTS. These are an important part of our Res Publicas and must be
>open and participatory (therefore assigned at FIXED TIME) for anyone who
>wants to serve, provided he meets the necessary requirements for the role.
>The temporary nature of the job, far from being a functional disaster or
>for earnings, is just what it takes to ensure a constant evolution of
>services and the total disappearance of corruption.
>Interesting initiative. Should you have an elaborate proposal
>you're welcome to discuss it with us in our participation platforms.

Thanks but I am not able to do a specific course inside a traditional platform.
I am here only to inform about things that (it is evident :) are not generally seen.

At present times the whole world is taken by a fight between capitalists/liberists and statalists.

The idea that there is (there was and there is) a THIRD WAY it is not even perceived by almost the totality of people. This is my aim: to help people to look towards this unknown third way.

All my best,


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