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alexis.roussel alexis.roussel at partipirate.ch
Fri Jul 5 17:37:16 CEST 2013


In Switzerland like in other place we were having difficulties to answer the question: what is the Pirate Party?

We know "who are the pirates", we know "what the Pirate Party proposes" (partially).

What is the Pirate Party?

We did split the question in several pieces.

- What does the PP provides to the member that he cannot get in another Party?

- What are our values?

- What is our decision making process?

- What is the structure we provide to the members in order to build the vision of society and the programme.

We did this with non IT technical words. This document is of course not final as it is mentionned inside, we have an iterative model ;)

This document is currently in french and german. 


You are welcome to share and comment. 

Alexis Roussel / President Pirate Party Switzerland 
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