[pp.int.general] The Profitability of Copyright-Intensive Industries

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Fri Jul 5 19:03:00 CEST 2013


In this study, we have examined the performance over the past ten years 
of five leading firms in three copyright-intensive industries: motion 
pictures, publishing, and software. We then examined the performance of 
five leading firms in three other industries: construction, 
transportation, and mining. Finally, we compared the profitability of 
the firms in these six industries.

We found that the firms in the copyright-intensive industries were 
significantly more profitable than the firms in the other industries in 
every period examined. Moreover, in this ten-year period, the 
copyright-intensive industries’ profit margins on average grew by 3.98%, 
while the other industries’ profit margins on average decreased by 

The high level of profitability of the copyright-intensive industries 
suggests that the copyright system serves these industries effectively, 
and that they are not in need of special government assistance in the 
form of new legislation or law enforcement resources."

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