[pp.int.general] Numb thanks to surveillance and politics

pirate at valio.ch pirate at valio.ch
Sat Jul 6 02:39:31 CEST 2013

Dear pirates,

I will be AFK for a week; and I'm grateful for that as I will be  
joining a scout camp far away from politics and communication.

I couldn't sleep and had to reconsider certain things.

I concluded that I sometimes feel emotionally numb or isolated
* part of that is my one thing; I won't discuss these details
* part of that is how I got sucked into politics out of self-defense:  
I've done a lot of stuff on a very superficial level. I'm grateful for  
the pirate community and I really like some pirates as persons - some  
more than others, even though I can get along with most; but that  
hardly matters, as it gets harder to hang out together as everyone is  
occupied with important stuff andyou are constantly collaborating on  
an opportunistic level, because you want to achieve the most effective  
way against the seemingly worsening situation
* part of that is also the way the technology works and how I tend to  
use it: I admit I had the most intellectually stimulating debates and  
had never been so open about sharing my political thoughts; yet due to  
the fact, that I feel surveilled in fact and are more & more reluctant  
to share my feelings with those that I feel close to; if there is one  
thing I actually don't want to share with the NSA it's my fucking  
feelings: they're not to be intercepted and recorded; I guess that  
goes for most people

I have been thinking about this previously and even wanted to start a  
project  (but never got far with that) [1]. I'm certainly not the only  
one that has been thinking about this [2]. I'm not certain if it's  
just simply depression; yes, it's the syndrom...but I think the  
external factors for stimulating are rising.

I'm really looking forward to it & hoping that my take-off will  
restore more of my motivation and emotional state. Consider yourself  
if you need one from time to time.


[1] http://live-long-and-prosper.org/
[2] http://falkvinge.net/2013/01/12/you-have-friends/

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