[pp.int.general] Why PRISM is not against the law..

peter.boehm peter.boehm at bremen.piratenpartei.de
Sat Jul 6 22:11:26 CEST 2013

My dear Pirates,

this came to my consciousness yesterday:

On the 12th of September NATO invoked "Article 5" of the Nato Treaty.

Quote: "This committed each member state to consider an armed attack 
against one state to be an armed attack against all states."

Article 5's invokation is described here (content is biased by NATO 

So, as every member state of the NATO is in war, normal laws and 
whatever can and will be suspended without proper control of the 
citizens, as war is a "State of emergency" which justifies everything.

this whole thing sucks, another quote from wikpedia:
"President Barack Obama extended George W. Bush's Declaration of 
Emergency regarding terrorism on September 10, 2009, on September 10, 
2010,on September 9, 2011, and on September 11, 2012." - sounds like 
Obama extended the state of emergency several times, obviously with much 

So.. if i conclude:
1. NATO is in a war against an unknown enemy
2. in times of war, military can spy on everyone
3. PRISM is a project from NSA, and NSA is a military secret agency
therefore: PRISM will stay at least until the "War on Terror" will be 
declared as over by NATO.

What a pity. I wish i was not right with this conclusion.

CU, Peter

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