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Here is the source webpage which contains a transcript of the Students VS
NSA: http://mobandmultitude.com/

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> The people who attend these fairs on behalf of the NSA aren't going to
> have an idea of an answer; they're Human Resourses workers, probably recent
> hires and one senior person, they won't have anything much to say other
> than what the head of HR told them to.
> It would be interesting to see people ask though. There could be the one
> chance something slips.
> On Jul 5, 2013 1:15 AM, <illunatic at greenpirate.org> wrote:
>> You may have heard this excellent clip of students demanding that NSA
>> recruiters answer their questions. https://soundcloud.com/madiha-**
>> 1/students-question-the-nsa-at<https://soundcloud.com/madiha-1/students-question-the-nsa-at>
>> It has been suggested (https://twitter.com/Anon_**Central/status/**
>> 353016495305007106<https://twitter.com/Anon_Central/status/353016495305007106>)
>> that those who have questions for the NSA visit the scheduled recruiting
>> fairs so that they can finally ask the questions that media outlets have
>> been neglecting. A full schedule is available on their website (No https).
>> http://www.nsa.gov/**applications/careers/recruit_**
>> events/index.cfm?eMonth=July<http://www.nsa.gov/applications/careers/recruit_events/index.cfm?eMonth=July>
>> Can pirate parties be represented at these fairs or call for people to
>> join these events and ask the questions that people want answers to?
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