[pp.int.general] The PIRATE ROUTE

Danilo D'Antonio dan at hyperlinker.com
Fri Jul 5 19:26:06 CEST 2013

On 05/07/2013 at 13.55 seykron wrote:

>If you're focused in dealing with real changes and you don't want to
>participate in the criticism of the movement, it's completely valid and needed, but
>please consider the whole: in order to introduce REAL changes, to win positions
>in parliaments and modify some laws is no enough, it's a long-term project that involves
>political, cultural, historical and philosophical research.

Matías and All, excuse my brutality. Excuse, excuse, excuse me.

Now, please, consider that YOU have taken the LONG WAY but there is a SHORT WAY that is exactly what the World is waiting for.


Pirate Parties are passively pursuing (by following the route of all the other Parties of the Earth) the conquer of Parliaments. Pirate Parties want to be as usual political intermediaries.


doesn't matter who conquers the Parliaments! Pirate Parties take another route: they open public jobs to people, to citizens. In this way the citizens can position themselves all around and close to the politicians, all around the Governments.


Politicians can do their WORSE only because of PUBLIC CAREERISTS, of public employees engaged for all their life. Public careerists are open to blackmail. The Elites will win for ever.

On the contrary: by having around people who come back simple citizens once finished their temporary job period, politicians are compelled to make their BEST! Citizens are not open to blackmail. The Elites have finished to impose themselves over our World.

Send me to fuck how much you wish. I will thank you.

But if you want to be TRUE PIRATES you must give to the World the PIRATE ROUTE!

To conquer the greatest treasure of our social evolution, doesn't serve we enter into the Parliaments. Once frequented their Res Publicas, citizens will give directly their setting to Parliaments.


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