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Mon Jul 8 03:06:58 CEST 2013

I have been reading this maillist for a while, and I realized there're some
worries leading to tensions between several groups. I understand this is the
nature of politics, because politics is made of tense relationships with each
group wanting to win "something". To be more specific, in the deep under
discussions I can see the "identity problem" (sometimes very explicitly). It's
a recurring problem because we're all human beings and we've got a knowledge
base that defines us as subjects. So... here goes my question: is it possible
to build a common identity in terms of politics?

I've not got the answer, but I'd like to share some reflections with you. If we
part from the basic premise that we all have different interests, perspectives,
mindsets, and we accept it's almost impossible to put together these elements,
perhaps we'll reach the heart of the problem. We are usually involved in large
word fights to win rhetorical wars instead of figuring out the dissent and
trying to find a way out to reach an agreement. At this point, it's impossible
to see the forest for the trees and it implicitly breaks something. But that
"something" that is collapsing is the same thing that has previously brought us
together for a reason, it is our cohesion key. I think the common identity is
very close to that "something", and since we're pirates I'd like to call it

The question is a challenge now: what's that treasure? Please, don't tell me
that it doesn't belong to reality, it's more real that any proposal or thought
because we're thinking, taking decisions and fighting for that unknown
treasure. If someone says "I'm not aware of such foolish things, I'm trying to
make something real in Parliament" or "I'm not aware of such foolish things,
I'm trying to make something real in the streets" without any criticism and
reflection about their own activity, it's signal of imminent loss of the way to
the treasure, whatever it might be. Criticism without action is meaningless,
action without self criticism is selfishness.

What I do know is this treasure is very big and it requires a compromise from
many different positions. I cannot understand all topics, but I trust in other
pirates that understand those topics. That's why I do accept parliamentary
labour as well as social research, and that's why no matter what the ideology of
the ones working in different topics is, I trust we all are looking for the
same treasure.

Maybe we'll never define what the treasure is, maybe it's convenient to leave
it undefined, but there're values around it: we already spoke about
participatory democracy, public transparency, free culture and knowledge (in
terms of freedom), horizontality, respect, responsibility. I also think personal
interests are essential to carry out jobs with passion. If someone likes to make
money or think in alternative labour models is the same to me. An identity is
something that is always changing and it is never completely defined, but on the
other hand it has a very high consistency because of underlying values. The key
question to validate whether someone is working for its own purpose or not is
simple: how does your job brings us closer to the treasure?. No matter how, if
that person is able to answer this simple question without doubts, it's a pirate,
and if not, it's just another piece taken away for the estalishment.

My message is it: get back to the roots, we're all human beings and we have very
difficult relationships. Just accept that and let's drink a beer to laugh about
our limitations. Learn lessons from history and your own errors, and be honest
when your interests no longer fits the pirate way. Be scared of you, and scared
of each other, everyone and nobody's looking at you. Your errors will be saw by
thousand of people wanting to propose another way to do the same you're doing,
if you cannot accept your mistake and let others help you, someone else will make
it right and you will not longer be reliable: nobody and everyone will kick you

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