[pp.int.general] O.T..: July 9, 1817, Campaign with La Argentina, French and Argentine sailor and corsair

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Tue Jul 9 13:36:48 CEST 2013

"On July 9, 1817 (the first anniversary of the signing of the Argentine 
Declaration of Independence) Bouchard set out from Ensenada de Barragán 
in command of La Argentina on a two-year voyage, intending to travel 
across the Atlantic to the African coast in order to circumnavigate 
around the Cape of Good Hope and engage a fleet of ships operated by the 
Company of the Philippines that had sailed from Spain to India.[6] 
However, a fire broke out on July 19, which the crew had to fight for 
hours until it was extinguished. Consequently, when the ship 
subsequently arrived in the Indian Ocean it headed "

More in:


If he had been serving the U.S. Hollywood would have made many movies 
about him!

Perhaps in 2017 we could repeat the Bouchard´s trip and release Hawaoo 
who signed a pact for peace and war and we do not respect it!

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