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Thanks again Matias, you clarified it very well.
So your original question : is it possible to build a common identity in
terms of politics?

Is of the same order as : Can we have truely free world trade  ?
-Yes if there were clear ethical guidelines/rules with an global justice
system and a 'law'enforcer.

Simple solution, next to impossible to achieve. Just like the pirate
parties coming to agree on stating what those ethics precisly should be in
gouverning ourselves. Please do notice I make a clear difference between
pirate core issues and ethics, they are not even closely related.
I hope more people will understand better now that NO system in the world
works poperly when there are too many 'saboteurs' (Byzanthium problem).

Find the saboteurs first.

 On 11 July 2013 21:46, seykron <seykron at partidopirata.com.ar> wrote:

> Hi anouk. I think I wasn't clear enough. What I was trying to say is that
> current
> politics doesn't take into account that 2/3 of the world you mention.
> Labouring
> class and poor people are always hostages of capitalism and the State. I
> see how
> poor people is forced to vote certain parties and assist to political
> demonstrations to conserve an even poorly subsidy. I saw once how someone
> said to
> a poor unemployed guy "shut up, you cannot speak to him about it" when he
> tried
> to denounce the pressure. I see how part of this 2/3 of the world is
> convinced
> through advertising that it's better to buy things they don't need instead
> of
> more basic things they don't have. I see how children go to school to get
> some
> food and how they are trained to love the goverment instead of giving them
> a
> useful education to get out from their situation. I see how poverty
> destroys
> empathy and how it builds distorted relationships. This last one is the
> worst
> point to me: people are suffering because of very troublesome
> relationships based
> on issues they shouldn't have to be aware of. Say nothing of financial
> debts
> caused by ridiculous unsecured-loans interests (up to 60% here in
> Argentina). I
> could continue but I don't (let me know if you're interested in Argentina's
> situation, I could write a little review).
> So, you can dissent with me, but don't tell me I don't see the big
> picture. I'm
> not against businesses or commerce at all. However, I see how corporations
> (in
> every sense of the word, including the goverment) are modeling the society
> based
> on unreal values, far away from human values (whatever they'll be).
> Answering
> your question, that is what is wrong with capitalism to me. That's because
> I
> think being a "pirate" means to think out of the box, far away from the
> capitalist paradigm. Betiel exposed very clearly some of the goals we're
> trying
> to achieve in PPAr.
> Hope it clarified my point.
> Matías
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