[pp.int.general] Basic income - how does that fit into the pirate ideology?

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FYI, in Switzerland the citizen will vote, probably not before 2015, about
introducing the concept of basic income in our constitution and we already
started to have some media presence as we reached the necessary 100'000
signatures to trigger a votation on this topic (in Switzerland, citizen may
either make a proposal to change the constitution or make a referendum to
vote on a law passed by our parliament (kind of veto right):

I'm quite involved in this votation and campaign, if there is someone from
Germany involved as well, please contact me.

And there is a european citizen initiative ongoing in the UE as well, but
it's more to open the debates about the topic :

And the basic income is not something from the left, it's just the will to
live in a more equal society and is possible when a society reaches a
certain level of advanced technologies. Look at this website on statistics
about inequal societies: http://www.equalitytrust.org.uk/research (Because
more equal societies work better for everyone, even the rich)

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> Pirates want an inclusive society. One that has rules that can be applied
> to everyone taking into account all our diferences, mainly a society that
> can empower people to contribute freely to the society. No one is excluded,
> no one is forced into the society.
> The basic income reflects pretty well this inclusive society.
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