[pp.int.general] For social organizations using Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

eduardo at partidopirata.com.ar eduardo at partidopirata.com.ar
Fri Jul 12 22:47:08 CEST 2013

"After more than eight months of silence, U.S. District Court Judge 
Lewis Kaplan recently issued a long-awaited decision on the 
enforceability of a subpoena served by Chevron on Microsoft in 
connection with Chevron’s lawsuit claiming that it has been the victim 
of a conspiracy in the $18.2 billion judgment against it for massive 
environmental contamination in Ecuador. But Kaplan’s decision begs more 
questions than it answers.

The sweeping subpoena was one of three issued to Google, Yahoo! and 
Microsoft, demanding IP usage records and identity information for the 
holders of more than 100 email accounts, including environmental 
activists, journalists and attorneys. Chevron’s subpoena sought personal 
information about every account holder and the IP addresses associated 
with every login to each account over a nine-year period"


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