[pp.int.general] (Strategy) Signs of recovery in Germany, time to invest in Bavaria

carlo von lynX lynX at pirate.my.buttharp.org
Mon Jul 15 13:36:59 CEST 2013


It's only the first of big survey institutes measuring
us at 4% instead of 2%. Statistical error? Or do we
have a chance of repeating the 2011 miracle?

In 2011 we put up our posters and a few days later we
were at 4.5% in surveys in Berlin. 4% nationwide is a
much harder goal. Journalists have been telling that
Pirates are missing the NSA ballgame, but maybe our
electorate is figuring out that it's them proclaiming
so. Our websites are full of press releases and events
on the topic.

A change of direction may be coming our way, which, as
we have felt, swiftly affects the entire movement on
an international scale.

There's an important strategic choice the Piratenpartei
could make: Support its Bavarian campaign. Bavaria's
vote is only ONE WEEK before the national one. If we
manage to deliver a solid we're-not-dead-yet signal at
those elections - even if it's just a 4% indicating we
were pretty close to entering the Landtag in Munich -
would put us back on the menu for many of those 10-13%
of population who in a moment of euphoria told
interviewers they could consider voting pirate.

A day of campaign in Bavaria is worth THREE times as much
as elsewhere: It convinces people to vote pirate on a 
regional, then on a national scale. Plus the results from 
Bavaria will convince further undecided folks to vote 
pirate on a national scale.

So if by any chance you have some time to spend, consider
a trip to Bavaria. I'm currently spending a couple of days
with Pirates in Munich and they are wonderful folks, even 
if they know I'm from Berlin.    ;-)

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