[pp.int.general] (Strategy) Signs of recovery in Germany, time to invest in Bavaria

Dario dario at pirata.cat
Mon Jul 15 14:35:26 CEST 2013

How can we help from outside Germany?

For European pirates it would be a good fire test.

2013/7/15 carlo von lynX <lynX at pirate.my.buttharp.org>

> http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/index.htm
> It's only the first of big survey institutes measuring
> us at 4% instead of 2%. Statistical error? Or do we
> have a chance of repeating the 2011 miracle?
> In 2011 we put up our posters and a few days later we
> were at 4.5% in surveys in Berlin. 4% nationwide is a
> much harder goal. Journalists have been telling that
> Pirates are missing the NSA ballgame, but maybe our
> electorate is figuring out that it's them proclaiming
> so. Our websites are full of press releases and events
> on the topic.
> A change of direction may be coming our way, which, as
> we have felt, swiftly affects the entire movement on
> an international scale.
> There's an important strategic choice the Piratenpartei
> could make: Support its Bavarian campaign. Bavaria's
> vote is only ONE WEEK before the national one. If we
> manage to deliver a solid we're-not-dead-yet signal at
> those elections - even if it's just a 4% indicating we
> were pretty close to entering the Landtag in Munich -
> would put us back on the menu for many of those 10-13%
> of population who in a moment of euphoria told
> interviewers they could consider voting pirate.
> A day of campaign in Bavaria is worth THREE times as much
> as elsewhere: It convinces people to vote pirate on a
> regional, then on a national scale. Plus the results from
> Bavaria will convince further undecided folks to vote
> pirate on a national scale.
> So if by any chance you have some time to spend, consider
> a trip to Bavaria. I'm currently spending a couple of days
> with Pirates in Munich and they are wonderful folks, even
> if they know I'm from Berlin.    ;-)
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