[pp.int.general] Basic income - how does that fit into the pirate ideology?

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Thu Jul 18 21:11:52 CEST 2013

Fortunately, our options are not limited to cost savings xor better  
systems. They are both improvements upon the current system.

Likewise, why limit funding options a single source? Who is against  
improving programs while simultaneously cutting costs which can then  
be allocated toward a basic income scheme? If you're looking for a 200  
billion franc program, that can be replaced with a mincome program,  
that's not going to happen. You can, however, reduce costs wherever  
available to further reduce the financial burden basic income presents.

That still doesn't address the actual funding for the program. You  
don't want to destroy your currency by spending too much more than you  
have. Sooner or later, you are pretty much forced to embrace Richard  
Stallman's  suggestion of raising taxes on businesses.

Are you going to finance the program on credit or are you going to tax  

Quoting Mutek <mutek at inventati.org>:

> Il giorno 18/lug/2013, alle ore 01:37, "Cal." <peppecal at gmail.com>  
> ha scritto:
>> On 18 July 2013 01:20,  <illunatic at greenpirate.org> wrote:
>>> My personal favorite example is Munich: "By the end of 2011 the program had
>>> exceeded its goal and changed over 9000 desktops to Linux."
>> Saving ≈ 11 M€. Something like 10 €/inhabitant. Not enough.
> If we introduce a new ROF (Return Of Freedom) probably everything  
> will fit very well in understanding that we save 9000 peoples in  
> using closed systems vs 10€/inhabitant.
> If we continue to think in terms of just money saving then one day  
> closed systems can sell commodities for free jailing peoples.
> The point is: we need to push freedoms at any level  without  
> worrying about how much does it costs...
> m
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