[pp.int.general] The Patchwork Model: partners wanted to develop an open source project

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Thu Jul 18 21:13:02 CEST 2013

    The Patchwork Model
 partners wanted to develop
   an open source project

One of the wonders of life is that every person has, according to his present position and history, a vision of things different from any other. This diversity has always been considered a problem by the power, which has always sought to standardize rather than to take advantage of this wealth of perception.

Internet, however, is definitely upsetting the plans of the homologators, by providing everyone with all kinds of means to express themselves. Thanks to the Internet we can start to think we can build a base of harmony that benefit, rather than erase, of the different situation and sensitivity referred to every person.

To this end, much remains to be done, the current systems of proposition, discussion and resolution of laws/rules that are online being still lacking in the expression of the individual personalities. What is missing is a virtual place that makes communicate these without want to hastily reach an overpowering majority.

"The Patchwork Model" is a system designed an impressive nine years ago that, because of its delicate approach to the opinion of every one, because of its ability to bring out the personal power, has been ignored by the thousand political cliques, lobbies and mafias and still it has not become an active service.

Anyone, amateur or professional politician, get close to the telematic systems designed to make "democracy" looks after only to scrape up a majority that support his will, coming to invoke the zeroing of the quorum when the longed goat mass doesn't succeed to get space with its own horns.

I come back then to propose the project hoping we can form a group to its open source development:


Here I report the files of a little (working) part of the complete system:


that I wrote with an elementary PHP.

I am not able to go on for my inadequacies.

Therefore I launch now the ball to your ground.

Danilo D'Antonio
Abruzzo, Italy

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