[pp.int.general] Technology advances, culture is locked

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Sat Jul 20 14:27:24 CEST 2013

 Technology advances, culture is locked

Shortly after ten o'clock of tonight, forty-four years ago, some words were heard coming from more than 380,000 kms from Earth: "The Eagle has landed." Less than two months after the first human landing on the Moon, in that same legendary year, the first node of the great network was woven and soon after the second. So the first simple words: "Log-in" could walk the newborn cyberspace.

Achievements like these radically change the reality of things and deeply separate us from the past. I do not know about you, but I, as soon as the Internet became available at the popular level (in Italy seventeen years ago) began to get busy as I could to extend this epochal transformation wherever necessary and I could arrive. First of all I went to the discovery of a calendar worthy of this era.

I quickly found this innovative and more rational system of computation of time:


that unfortunately we can not still use because public careerists of the various Countries of the world never found, as usual, an agreement to use it. In addition, because our life is not made of just counts, not finding ready nothing of real value, I manufactured a cultural dress that, perfectly in tune with "The World Calendar", on the contrary of this can be used also with the old computation systems of time still in force:


The calendar is not a trivial matter. Not only serves to give us an appointment for a pizza, for a job or a tooth extraction. It reminds us who we are and what we are called to do in the universal mechanism. By using the calendar of another era we border us in that epoch and reduce our being to an historical inertia. By using the calendar of the era in which we live we get instead continuous nourishment to flourish and give fruits in perfect harmony with it.

Everyone live as he knows, stay in the era he prefers and do things connected to it. But do not deceive ourselves: by continuing to use the traditional cultural, economic, political and social systems, by continuing to do what we have always done, by continuing to leave everything as it is, the world, the life of we humans cannot change of a single comma. We cannot come out of the swamp of age-old problems just because we have capable handsets to make us see the tv.

Danilo D'Antonio
aka HyperLinker

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