[pp.int.general] Piraten Partei and Movie2K.to

Will Tovey w.tovey at pirateparty.org.uk
Sat Jul 20 01:58:22 CEST 2013

Hi all,

It seems that http://movie2k.to currently points to a page being run by
PPDe (rather than the file-sharing site that used to be there). Does
anyone know who is in charge of this and how I can get in touch with them?

The URL was added to the UK ISP's block lists in May (before the site
went down) and is still being blocked by the major ISPs here. That is
interesting as it means a UK Court is essentially censoring political
speech (even if by accident) and this could be used to further attack
the blocking system (as far as I can tell there was no listed hearing,
no judgment, no ruling for this block - the order was just
rubber-stamped by the court).

-Will Tovey
Legal and Policy Researcher
Pirate Party UK

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