[pp.int.general] Formal protest from Pirate Party Australia

Antonio Garcia ningunotro at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 11 09:32:49 CET 2013

As it stands... it looks to me that public statements are the only thing you feel obliged (by circumstances of publicity) to answer to.

Otherwise, you even maneuver clumsy complaints to your advantage, as you did by seemingly offering the heads of the CoA on a plate to PP-CH... when it suited you perfectly to ignore the complaint about the breach of Statutes I presented to it... that could have no other possible outcome but to revoke the silly procedure by which the Pirate Party of Catalonia was granted full membership of PPI.

A fraudulent membership they have been instrumentalizing all year long to drive an illogic revolution that has Spain counting 5 pirate parties by now and growing.

So much for the PPI's aim not to interfere with the internal domestic troubles of its members.

Get your facts straight. And I hope NONE of the actual board members considers reelection.


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On 10.03.2013, at 06:13, Simon Frew <simon.frew at pirateparty.org.au> wrote:

Below is an official mail sent to the Board of PPI.We have yet to receive any sort of acknowledgement that it was received or discussed by the Board. So in the interests of transparency I thought the best course of action was to post it to the general discussion list as the formal means of communication seem to be failing.

For your information: PP-AU has filed this complain with the board of PPI on February 17th. Since then only one regular board meeting has passed and it was not on the Agenda of that meeting as we are very busy solving the organizational and administrative issues around the preparation of the Kazan conference. 
We had planned to answer in the due time after our next board meeting, but it seems to me, that PPAU might be not interested at all in an constructive answer, as it is more interested in making a public statement. 
sincerely yours, 
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