[pp.int.general] Request for respondents for online privacy research

Liam Pomfret liam.pomfret at uqconnect.edu.au
Fri Nov 29 02:29:02 CET 2013

Hi everyone,

My name is Liam Pomfret. I'm a member of Pirate Party Australia, and a
doctoral student with the UQ Business School at the University of
Queensland, where I'm researching consumer privacy and disclosure online.
For my current project, I'm specifically looking for responses from people
with a heightened awareness of privacy issues, which I think is pretty much
all of us here on the PPI mailing list. If you could spare approximately
15-20 minutes of your time today or at some point over the weekend, I'd
greatly appreciate it if you could answer this online survey for me.

Your rights to expect confidentiality and anonymity will of course be fully
respected. No names or individual identification will be contained in any
reports or research publications related to the findings from this survey.
There are no foreseeable risks associated with participation in this study.
Participation in this research is entirely voluntary, and you are free to
withdraw from participation at any time without prejudice. Should you
withdraw at any stage after commencement all recorded information that you
may have given will be destroyed and not used in this or any future work.

This study adheres to the guidelines of the ethical review process of The
University of Queensland. Whilst you are free to discuss your participation
in this study with me (email l.pomfret at business.uq.edu.au) or my supervisory
team (email j.previte at business.uq.edu.au or l.coote at business.uq.edu.au), if
you would like to speak to an officer of the University not involved in the
study, you may contact the Ethics Officer on +61 3365 3924.

Thanks for your time.

Kind regards,
Liam Pomfret     
T: @liampomfret

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