[pp.int.general] Missing board reports from last PPI board

Antonio Garcia ningunotro at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 19 11:52:20 CEST 2014

Still running a Pirate IDIOCRAZY...

... pragmatism should have some logical and ethical limits ;). At least be practised by some less ignorant...

Gregory Engels can't publish anything without having to walk the plank, and everybody knows it.

Pirates have finally committed collective suicide...

... crafting a few pledges (http://tandemnachbruessel.eu/en/pledge/), of which this one:

- uphold the No-Asshole clause. No matter how competent they are, we will 
not employ people who bully or discriminate against others, or endanger 
the team cohesion by their social behaviour. We will not let sexism, 
racism, ableism or other discrimination or harassment go unchallenged.

plain and simply calls to live the "IDIOTIC INQUISITION" :(.

How far have we strayed from our Pirate Codex...
  Pirate Codex 
 Pirates are free
Pirates are freedom-loving, independent, autonomous, and  disapprove 
of blind obedience. They stand for informational self-determination and 
freedom of opinion. Pirates bear the responsibility entailed by freedom.

 Pirates respect privacy
Pirates protect privacy. They fight against the increasing 
surveillance mania of state and economy because it prohibits the  free 
development of the individual. A free and democratic society is 
impossible without private and unobserved free space.

 Pirates are critical
Pirates are creative, curious, and do not acquiesce in the status 
quo. They challenge systems, search for weak spots and find ways to 
correct them. Pirates learn from their mistakes.

 Pirates are fair-minded
They keep their word. Solidarity is important when it comes to 
collective aims. Pirates counteract the blind-eye-mentality of society 
and take action when moral courage is necessary.

 Pirates respect life
Pirates are peaceful. Therefore they reject the death penalty and the
 destruction of our environment. Pirates stand for the sustainability of
 nature and its resources. We do not accept patents on life.

 Pirates are eager for knowledge
The access to information, education, knowledge and scientific 
findings has to be unlimited. Pirates support free culture and free 

 Pirates are social
Pirates respect human dignity. They commit themselves to a society 
united in solidarity where the strong defend the weak. Pirates stand for
 a political culture of objectivity and fairness.

 Pirates are international
Pirates are part of a global movement. They take advantage of the 
opportunities offered by the internet and are therefore enabled to think
 and act without borders. 

Am I the only one left bearing the responsibility entailed by freedom?

Shall I endeavour to sink all pirate ships to get rid of the shame I must feel?

You are leaving me no options...

But go on, pragmatically... keep playing this silly game pragmatically...

Become a true IDIOCRAZY.

It seems nobody, not even me, can keep you away from that pityful destiny.


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Subject: [pp.int.general] Missing board reports from last PPI board

as far as I am aware we have only received board reports from Thomas Gaul: http://wiki.pp-international.net/User:ThomasG/report2013-2014 and Nuno Cardoso: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16w6QrbCDHSZvhcLI76PFkCEilPc6zZtcyYZIuILlNrU/pub

Gregory Engels promised to publish his written board report from last years work within a few days of the PPI GA so expecting that any day now.
How about the rest of the board member reports?! We are still missing reports from: 
-Vojtěch Pikal 
-Denis Simonet-Azat Gabdrakhmanov
-Marc Tholl

Would also be interesting to get a report from alternate board members since I heard everything didn't run as smoothly as it should have in the last PPI board:
-Brendan Molloy-Thomas Gaul-Alessandra Minoni
Kindly,JosefInternational Contact for PPSE

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