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Wow, you are so fast; impressive !
The german translation is only at 85% ready, yet. Tomorrow I'm going to continue; all in all I guess on Wednesday or so the german translation will be ready for publication.
And thanks for the addition; of course, we'll build on this.

/ aka Oliver

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Hi Torben,

thanks for taking this up and pushing for more translations. I clarified two of the points in the original text today, please take a look at line 100 & 102 in your German translation. Added this change to translation template as well. https://piratenpad.de/p/translation-european-pirate-acchievements

The French translation is done and will be published on http://piratetimes.net/fr/ within a day or two. 

Would also recommend constructing press-releases based on data here: http://piratetimes.net/pirate-party-european-election-2014-candidates-lists/ (will be updated continuosly as we are aware of new information)



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You would be dumb, if you wouldn't work with this: http://piratetimes.net/what-the-pirate-meps-have-accomplished-in-the-european-parliament/

Don't only inform people with promises about the pirate party, but also with actions we've done (if not even only like this) - this is realistic and honest.
Publish this article on your own, translate this article into the official language of your country if beneficial, work it off, exploit it creatively, use it as a briefing
for pirates on the street, and so on.

We aren't the newbies, we've done great work in the European Parliament; we must show this.

I for my part am going to sit down and translate this article into german til Wednesday or so...
if there are any german speaking people here, who would like to help me with translation, then go for it:

As soon as this work is done, I'm going to sent the translated article to the german and austrian press team.

And last, but not least:
You know that on the 15th of May there will be an international demo day against TTIP & Co.
When I look on the related protestmap - https://mapsengine.google.com/map/viewer?mid=z2_7kVjvOAF0.kJGmGBbsABbM - I see that...
in England there is no demo planned, yet...
same with France...
same with Spain...
same with Netherlands...
same with Finland...
same with Czechia...
same with Romania...
and so on, you get it...
furthermore I see that almost none of the demo entries provides a link to a related, neutral facebook event page except Link?ping,
Warsaw and Brussels - could you please change that ? Here are the links for it:
- for protestmap editting: http://stopttipprotest.wikia.com/wiki/Demo_location_entries_in_protestmap
- and for giving further details on your local demo, just enter the country section of your country: http://stopttipprotest.wikia.com/wiki/Stopttipprotest_Wiki

/ aka Oliver

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