[pp.int.general] translation of Pirate MEP accomplisments

Josef Ohlsson Collentine josef at piratetimes.net
Mon Apr 21 16:10:47 CEST 2014

Hi Torben,

thanks for taking this up and pushing for more translations. I clarified
two of the points in the original text today, please take a look at line
100 & 102 in your German translation. Added this change to translation
template as well.

The French translation is done and will be published on
http://piratetimes.net/fr/ within a day or two.

Would also recommend constructing press-releases based on data here:
be updated continuosly as we are aware of new information)


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> Subject: [pp.int.general] What the Pirate MEPs Have Accomplished in
>         the     European Parliament ?
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> You would be dumb, if you wouldn't work with this:
> http://piratetimes.net/what-the-pirate-meps-have-accomplished-in-the-european-parliament/
> Don't only inform people with promises about the pirate party, but also
> with actions we've done (if not even only like this) - this is realistic
> and honest.
> Publish this article on your own, translate this article into the official
> language of your country if beneficial, work it off, exploit it creatively,
> use it as a briefing
> for pirates on the street, and so on.
> We aren't the newbies, we've done great work in the European Parliament;
> we must show this.
> I for my part am going to sit down and translate this article into german
> til Wednesday or so...
> if there are any german speaking people here, who would like to help me
> with translation, then go for it:
> https://piratenpad.de/p/translation-european-pirate-acchievements-german
> As soon as this work is done, I'm going to sent the translated article to
> the german and austrian press team.
> And last, but not least:
> You know that on the 15th of May there will be an international demo day
> against TTIP & Co.
> When I look on the related protestmap -
> https://mapsengine.google.com/map/viewer?mid=z2_7kVjvOAF0.kJGmGBbsABbM -
> I see that...
> in England there is no demo planned, yet...
> same with France...
> same with Spain...
> same with Netherlands...
> same with Finland...
> same with Czechia...
> same with Romania...
> and so on, you get it...
> furthermore I see that almost none of the demo entries provides a link to
> a related, neutral facebook event page except Link?ping,
> Warsaw and Brussels - could you please change that ? Here are the links
> for it:
> - for protestmap editting:
> http://stopttipprotest.wikia.com/wiki/Demo_location_entries_in_protestmap
> - and for giving further details on your local demo, just enter the
> country section of your country:
> http://stopttipprotest.wikia.com/wiki/Stopttipprotest_Wiki
> Greetings,
> / aka Oliver
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