[pp.int.general] Liquid Democracy - a summary attempt

Antonio Garcia ningunotro at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 28 14:45:08 CEST 2014

There IS a lot of wrong stacked around... http://samedokan.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/klarmachen-zum-kentern/ (english).

Years of consented wrongdoing.

Our mass dynamics, by mere condition of most of the participants, are steadily evolving towards IDIOCRAZY :(.

Liquid Feedback catalyzes the process...

... by allowing seeminly direct access to the stupid final mouse click, without making the intermediary enlightening process mandatory.

That is why superdelegates are such a mess... the more ignorant are faster and far more numerous choosing their champions.

The result... the actual total mess in the German Pirate Party.

Not to forget the idiocy in the Italian one...


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> On 28 April 2014 11:35, Zbigniew Łukasiak <zzbbyy at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I am sure that even once we have a good LF software - it will take
> > long time to work out the right social practice around it.
> I am worried this sounds a bit like the golden lqfb principle:
> "It's not the software. It's you. YOU are wrong."
> What a voting (or consensus building) platform aims to create is
> nothing less than an ecosystem. It need to impose constraints by the
> way it's built, not by the way you are expected to use it.
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