[pp.int.general] “First European Presidental Debate” - twitter protests @19.00 ?

Josef Ohlsson Collentine international at piratpartiet.se
Mon Apr 28 16:14:00 CEST 2014


as some of you might already be aware the “First European Presidental
Debate” will take place without a representative from the Pirate Party
despite being in similar position as rest of participants.
https://europeanpirates.eu/popular-pirates-excluded-eu-debate The live
debate will start at 19.00 today @ http://www.eudebate2014.eu/

Hashtags used will be mainly #EUdebate2014 and #EP2014
If we can get enough pirates asking questions on these hashtags during the
live-debate we could get some attention despite being excluded from the
talk. Ideas?


*International Contact for PPSE*
Contact me for any questions/concerns or if you need to get hold of someone
in Piratpartiet or internationally.

*Other contact:*
mail: international at piratpartiet.se
Twitter: @collentine
Skype: josef.ohlsson.collentine (only important conversations)
Cel: +46 73 824 9849 (text me, if urgent)
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